Sonitus Sensory Interface Platform

Intra-oral sensor platform for real-time wireless communications and physiological monitoring

Unprecedented communicationchannel and/or biometric data/feedback

• Improved microphoneperformance
• Actionable real-time information and analytics
• Intelligent, secure and reliable in any scenario
• Biometrics (heart rate,temp, hydration, BP, voice print)
• Airframe independent

AES256 Digital NFMI

• Virtually undetectable RF
• Non spoofable
• Field proven

Helmet/Pilot Improvements

• Reduced weight(remove heavy speakers)
• Wireless head
• Increased passive sound attenuation
• Lighter/lower profile helmets
• High comfort
• O2 safe
• Wireless NFMI (CEP) capability
• Unlikely to interfere with cockpit electronics
• “Pebble” simple logistics
• Should not interfere with existing pilot equipment
• Intra-oral platform designed to resist High-G force dislodgement