Sonitus’ patent protected system is built around a technology that creates a new audio path “supersense” for wireless communication, eliminating the need for ear pieces, microphones and wires on the head. A secure, comfortable mouthpiece that clips on your tooth becomes the single point of contact for incoming and outgoing wireless audio communication and augmented awareness. The mouthpiece uses the body itself to exclude outside influences.

how sonitus works

Audio interface is positioned beyond the noise


(Molar Mic™)

The Mouthpiece is a device custom-fit for each user. A Near-Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) link is established between the Mouthpiece and the Tactical Neckloop to facilitate wire free connection with the rest of the system. The Mouthpiece contains a bone conduction speaker, an embedded waterproof microphone, and a wirelessly rechargeable battery. The Mouthpiece clips on using a “snap fit” that tightly, but comfortably, attaches to the upper back molars.


(hearing incoming communications)

The Mouthpiece utilizes bone conduction to allow the operator to hear incoming communications. Bone conduction is the transmission of sound to the inner-ear (called the cochlea) through the bones of the skull or teeth. The Mouthpiece translates sound into vibration on the teeth, which is translated back into sound by the inner-ear. Sound will appear to come from “inside the head” instead of from the outer-ear as one would be used to. Bone conduction hearing enables the operator to simultaneously hear through the outer-ear as they normally would.


(transmitting outgoing communications)


The Mouthpiece comes equipped with an embedded, waterproof microphone that allows the operator to transmit outgoing communications by speaking normally. When transmitting communications, whisper levels up to loud speaking are well-captured. Loud speaking is not required even in noisy environments, as the in-mouth microphone is extremely well-shielded by the mouth from all external noise sources, so only the user’s voice is transmitted over the radio.

iT2 acquires Sonitus Technologies

Welcome to the archival website of Sonitus Technologies.

Our operation has been acquired by iT2, a new wearable technologies company that is extending the utility of apparel.

Wireless Comm Kit 


Where Sonitus works


The system transmits clearly in the harshest conditions, including extreme noise, wind, and under water. Communication is delinked from protective equipment so that helmets, respiratory and hearing protection can be added or removed without breaking voice communication. This enables clear speaking and hearing during rapid transitions from one operating mode to another.

The system is single- or dual-comms capable and integrates with tactical radios, phones, ICS and other mobile communication platforms for continuous connectivity during transitions across operating platforms.